The extra layer of protection you really need

The Maya Protective Sticker ensures that you are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe from virus infection. It is a smart active protective sticker that adheres to any face mask with a thin layer of adhesive material. It is composed of a support layer of nonwoven microfibers, polymer nano-fiber fabric integrated with the well-known and widely used disinfectant povidone iodine (PVP-I) proven safe for eliminating viruses upon contact.

Maya can be applied securely to any face mask in seconds and does not interfere with breathing in any way.

Designed with a triple-action protection system:

1. Virus inactivation with iodine

Inactivation (neutralization) of the viruses trapped in the sticker is made possible by the embedded biocidal material.

2. Capture system in the fiber

Aerosol droplets are caught by the unique properties of the fiber and the multilayer structure of the sticker before you could breathe them in.

3. Powerful filtration mechanism

A unique pore design allows filtration of aerosols and saliva droplets, making it more difficult for the virus to pass through.

Maya Sticker 50/Box

Made of two main layers - for protection and support

A world of benefits:

Protects against viruses and a wide range of bacteria

24-hour protection for any face mask.

Applied in seconds—instantly provides protection.

Completely safe with no breathing difficulties.

Less than $3/day to make everyone safe.


About Maya Benefits

Usability study

Medical staff in 7 prominant hospitals in Israel used the Maya Protective Sticker in their daily routine.

Maya Protective Sticker is easy to use:

Answer to the question: “Is it easy to stick the MAYA on surgical mask?"

Is Maya Easy

Makes the medical staff feel safer:

Answer to the question: "If you have to use a surgical mask, do you feel safer with the MAYA Sticker?".

Answers: 83% - yes; 8% - neutral. 9% - no.

Is Maya safer