The Science Behind the Maya Protective Sticker

The Maya Protective Sticker is a smart active protective sticker that adheres to any face mask with a thin layer of adhesive material. It is composed of a support layer of nonwoven microfibers, polymer nano-fiber fabric integrated with the well-known widely used disinfectant povidone iodine (PVP-I), widely used and safe for eliminating viruses upon contact. Povidone-iodine has been shown impervious to resistance.

The medical device was developed at the renowned Technion Institute of Technology in Israel.

Maya's dual action: Captures and traps droplets containing the pathogens in the nanofibers while the disinfectant, PVP-I inactivates the viruses

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Studies show the complete reduction of viral activity

“Droplets are absorbed into the fiber network and the virus is trapped. The sticker has an antiseptic agent. It is coated with a biocide that is released and makes the virus ineffective,” Prof. Zussman explained.




Nanofiber mesh with embedded biocide

When a droplet comes in contact with the sticker, it is absorbed into the nanofiber net and then trapped in between the nanofibers. Then, the biocide is activated, disinfects the virus, making it ineffective.

Nanofiber network

Nanofiber network for an enhanced physical barrier

A physicial barrier of nanometric fibers nanometric fibers that are able to capture aerosol droplets for enhanced protection.


PVP-I (Iodine) disinfection for active neutralization

Biocidal material embedded in the fibers effectively neutralization of viruses as they touch the mask.

About Maya Benefits

Studies show viral activity undetectable with Maya

A study was conducted to demonstrate the Maya Stickers protective capabilities prior to submission to regulatory authorities the USA, Europe, and in Israel. The purpose of this study was to examine the efficacy of the MAYA Sticker for inactivation of viruses.

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